Friday, May 3, 2013

Domain Management: Buildings and Other Structures

To have a proper domain you need land. Once you have land, you need to build structures on that land.

Now in my idea regarding scope the rules wouldn't cover every structure, just the ones with narrative weight. Therefore, it would be assumed that there are small farms, timber yards, mills, and other small structures dotting the landscape.

Why? Cause frankly, I do NOT want to have to deal with that level of book keeping. I'm following a couple of Adventure, Conqueror, King System (ACKS) games, and one in particular (Chronicles of the Grim Fist) looks amazing, but the system is a bit too book keeping intensive for its domain management. So we aren't going to manage that degree.

So the buildings and structure we have are structures that will have narrative weight, they are important structures in the domain.

I've discussed before that I want three types of buildings - Production (Raw Goods, Trade Goods) and free standing buildings, as well as specific city/village buildings, however, I realized that I wanted another set of miscellaneous structures - for roads for the most part, but I'm sure I'll come up with (or have it strongly recommended to me) other items that should fall in there.

Production is split into two categories - raw goods and trade goods.

Production Buildings - Raw Goods
Raw goods production doesn't require an infrastructure. Originally, I had envision five types of goods - wealth; wood; stone; ore; and food, now I'm thinking I need to move "wealth" to its own category, and add another one for animal products (fur?), though I suppose I could always just turn food into cloth, like I initially thought about doing, i.e., the return of fish head pants.

I thought about what I wanted production buildings to do - whether they should produce a flat increase, or some sort of multiplier. And for right now I'm envisioning the grander answer of "both". Two levels of production building a regular one, which just adds a flat bonus to production, and a greater building which would not only add a flat bonus, but then multiple the total amount. So production buildings we have would be:

Wood - Timber Yard
Stone - Quarry
Ore - Mine
Food - Farm

Production Buildings - Trade Goods
Trade goods, to be built, would require infrastructure to be built to support them, I'll probably allow them to be built without a village or city to support them; however, there'll just be an additional cost included. I'm not sure what I'd want people to be able to produce right now. Cloth and iron come to mind as the two big ones right now.

Iron Works (Turns Ore into Metal)
Smithy (Turns Metal into stuff)
Weaver (Turns Food into Cloth)
Seamstress (Turns Cloth into stuff)

What's stuff? I don't know yet.

Other buildings I'd want to have producing stuff:

Marketplace (Enhances trade)
Academy (Turns People into professions)
Theater (Create Art)
Library (Store Knowledge)
Inns & Taverns (Create Trade, Secrets)
Warehouse (Store stuff)

Free Standing Buildings
Village - small gathering of families and people.
City - As a village grows it eventually becomes a city.
Outpost - Small garrison of troops
Fort - military base, some trade
Manor House - Administrative center
Castle - big fort, a really, really big fort.

Other Structures
Dams - Enhances quality of an area
Roads - trade multiplier
Walls - Costs money, but adds to a defense, greater walls, multiplies defense.

Once again, these are just rough draft notes, I'll happily take advice and add stuff in when I come back to actually crunch some numbers.

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