Monday, October 24, 2011

A Tale of Three Cities

So I've decided I am going to run a game of the Dresden Files, set in the Dresden Files world. Other than it being pre-Changes, I don't have a firm opinion of when it will be set in the continuity; other than to say that once the game starts continuity goes out the window. The rest is behind the break.

So let's discuss things the Who, What, Where, When, Why, How


I want to run a game for 3-4 players, 5 is the max. One of the people who I've talked to offline may get sent overseas for some time, so if I get 3 + him, I'm happy; if I get 4+him, I'll whimper under the workload but I'll suck it up and deal.

I do plan on doing the by-the-book character creation and city creation, and I want active participation from the players. Theoretically, I love the concept of shared creation space, and I want to make it work. (I allow for the possibility that it just won't work, but I have to test the theory.)


The three ideas that I have as a germ of where to place the game:

  • Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas City, Kansas: Gateways to the east and the western United States, built at the conjunction of Missouri and Kansas Rivers, as well as being at approximately the geographic center of the United States. Plus it is cattle country and still has active slaughterhouses, which for some reason really call out to me for a Dresden Files game. I'd see a game here being a more "traditional" as per the novels game.
  • Denver, Colorado: I was researching Kansas City and Denver over the weekend, and while Denver does have more spooky bits (at least on the web then Kansas City), the piece that captured my attention was the conspiracy regarding the international airport being the headquarters for the New World Order. Thus, I see a game set her featuring this which would add a major clued-in mortal superpower to the game.
  • "Gotham/Metropolis": But not actually Gotham/Metropolis, both of which are analogies for New York City (I always thought Gotham felt more like Chicago, but that's just me). Here we would build a city from the ground up and place it somewhere in the United States. This would entail lots of work for everyone involved, but allows us to tailor what we want specifically. 
The game would be at the Submerged level of play (i.e., starting at the Storm Front level). This is game based around the signature character of a wizard, so I want my players to be able to play wizards.

My games towards the idea of choices and consequences, of giving player characters the choice between good outcomes vs. good outcomes; bad outcomes vs. bad outcomes, and occasionally when I'm feeling nice  - good outcomes, but risky vs bad outcomes and safe.

To speak in the jargon that I've discussed before - my games run high on finding things out (Investigation); figuring out who can be allied with (Political Intrigue), and who just needs to be shot/stabbed/burnt alive (Combat). Generally, my players have found great joy in just going about their mundane lives, and it is up to me to shake them up - reluctant heroes. However, I do believe in something that I heard years ago at a Dragon*Con - a reluctant hero is one that should be punished.

When, Where, How

Twice a month, Sunday afternoons at my home. If you don't know where that is precisely I'll happily answer you in email/direct message. I figure either the 1st and 3rd, or 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. 

I'm inclined to in person gaming, though if we can figure out a video conferencing set-up that lets the table see someone, and you see us, I'm happy to try.

Just as a note: I have two cats and a baby. If either of these factors poses a concern for you, I'll understand if you aren't interested.


I want to play the game. Fate/DFRPG seems like a system that has been written to my wants and needs as a player/GM. So I've been trying to get friends/acquaintances to run it so I can play, but I've struck out time and time again. So after not GMing for six+ months, I think I'm ready to approach it again. The fact that I've got a great Deadlands game going on helps, so I get a chance to be on the other side of the screen.

So let me know if you are interested. 


  1. If you can get your #s without me, I suppose I don't need to play remotely. However, if you need another player, I do have a webcam. Plus, I'm planning to be in the DCMetro area in January for a week...

  2. Sent you email, but I wrote the clause in there for you, cause ultimately I want interested & excited players.

  3. Hmmmm. One the one hand it would be fun. On the other, you might be needing new blood.

  4. We'll see, as I said above, I want interested and excited players - it is going to be shared, and if not homework after game starts, there's a bit of an initial hurdle (then again my flavor seems to be doing more work on the front end, and less work on the back end).

  5. See,

    I'd love to get to try Fate again with a GM who I know I like their style...

    Too far away and not sure of a practical way to tele-game.

    Oh well. Good luck, I'd love to know how you feel about Fate as you run it.

  6. Morrison, thanks for the vote of confidence.

    I expect I'll be posting more about the game/system as I get things off the ground. As I've said, Fate *should* be the right sort of system for me with the moderate system crunchiness (mostly front loaded), and the compel/invoke/tag dynamic.

    But we'll see as I'm going to write to the players this could be an experiment that fails miserably (as alas, Reign did) or work wonderfully.

  7. I always thought that Metropolis was the analog for New York while Gotham was the analog for Boston - at least that is what all the comic geeks I used to hang out with thought.

    We picked up Dresden Files, not sure if we have agroup to run it with. Look forward to seeing how it works for you.