Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I have to be insane...

Because I'm contemplating running a game, basically seven months after I feeling I was burnt out.

I want to try out Dresden Files - one because I enjoy modern urban fantasy; and two, the Fate system appeals to my theoretical preferences. It would be my first choice.

Eclipse Phase could be a lot of fun, I just worry about finding a group who wants to do the number crunching for  character creation. It would probably be the easiest to do episodically.

Smallville looks interesting for the creation mechanics, but I'm not sure what to do with drama-centric superhero themed game as a GM. It can do more, but I don't have it in me to generate enough stuff to do some other genre.

Basically I want to run some small group 3-4 players games, where the players have a lot authorial privilege to do stuff beyond the straight forward plot. I've been in a couple small games where it seems the smallness allows there to be a different interchange as people play off each other.

I'll probably return to this later, but I really should be focusing on doing work.

We'll see how 

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